Could US Citizens Arrested in North Korea Be CIA Agents?

According to geopolitical analysts in the United States, two US citizens who were recently arrested in North Korea may in fact be CIA agents who were engaged in espionage activities. The analyst said that it should not be surprising to anyone, whether an ordinary American or a government official, that US citizens would be arrested in the communist country for even the smallest of infractions. He said that this was far from the first time that something like this has happened and that it will almost certainly not be the last time either.

The two citizens, Jeffrey Fowle and Matthew Miller, were arrested for what political officials in North Korea are calling the perpetration of “hostile acts” against their country.

The United States has demanded their safe return to American soil.

The two were arrested separately with Miller having been arrested in April and Fowle having been arrested more recently in June. While there is indeed speculation that the two citizens are CIA operatives, the geopolitical analyst commented that it is not clear nor has it been confirmed who they actually work for. He stated that there should be a degree of healthy skepticism in this particular case regarding who exactly the two citizens in question are.

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The analyst went on to say that the United States is well known throughout the intelligence community as being notorious for using the CIA and other agencies to perform espionage, counter-intelligence, reconnaissance, and other activities inside hostile countries. They have done this for any number of reasons including attempting to destabilize the standing government in an effort to disallow it from establishing covert networks and capabilities.

It remains to be seen whether or not these two US citizens are actually associated in any way with the CIA and what exactly they were doing in North Korea in the first place if they are indeed found to be agents.