Requirements for CIA Jobs in North Dakota

North Dakota may seem far removed from international espionage; however, it has been an important location both historically nor presently. During the Cold War, nuclear missiles dotted the hills and farmland of the state; it’s northerly location making the state an ideal launching site to hit targets in the Soviet Union. In the present day, the rich oil and gas fields of the state have been identified as a strategic target against which terrorists could strike.

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Although the CIA guards its secrets well, the steps necessary to become a CIA Agent in North Dakota are no mystery. On the front line of national security, prospective agents must come from a well-educated and disciplined background.

Requirements for Joining the CIA’s National Clandestine Service in North Dakota

For individuals pursuing a career as a Core Collector in the CIA’s National Clandestine Service in North Dakota, there are two entry-level positions available: The Professional Trainee Program (PT) and the Clandestine Service Program (CST).

PT Program: Candidates are between the ages of 21-25 and have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. Applicants usually have no previous work experience.

CST Program: Candidates are usually between the ages of 26-35, have a Bachelor’s degree – or higher – and previous military or work experience.

Academic Requirements

  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher

Preferred degrees for Core Collector candidates in North Dakota include biological or chemical engineering, economics, finance, international business, international relations, nuclear or physical science.

Each candidate should be capable of “thinking on their feet” in high stress situations.  In addition, qualified applicants must have an interest in international affairs, superior communication and written skills and the ability to work well with a team, as well as alone.

International Requirements and Experience

Applicants need to be fluent in at least one language other than English.  Candidates who speak Urdu, Indonesian, Korean, Arabic, Chinese, Dari, Kurdish, Pashto, Persian, Russian, Somali, Turkish are preferred. Candidates should also have prior residency abroad, travel experience in foreign countries, knowledge of international affairs and understanding of cross-cultural sensitivity.

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Conditional Requirements for Employment

Candidates for the CIA’s Core Collector positions in North Dakota are required to complete two interviews, undergo medical and psychological exams, submit to a polygraph interview and background check. Applicants should also be free from illegal drug use for 12 months prior to applying.

Qualifying for Special Agent Investigator Jobs with the CIA

Meeting the Qualifications

Having a solid educational foundation is required for prospective CIA Agents. With an entry-level salary starting at $74,872 candidates will need to start by having a bachelor degree in any field. Because the range of an agent’s duties can vary greatly, candidates may choose from a variety of subjects, including:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Psychology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Science
  • Law
  • Political Science

Some other essential prerequisites for CIA jobs include:

  • Three years of outstanding criminal investigative experience
  • No drug use in the past year
  • US citizenship

Applying for Special Agent Jobs 

Filling out an application with the CIA is a unique experience in itself. To start, candidates must create an online account. Once an account has been created it will become automatically disabled in three days, so it is strongly advisable that candidates have ensured they can meet the necessary CIA requirements. Once a candidate has created an account, he or she must find the job listing for Special Agent/Investigator under the Inspector General heading.

At this point the application can be completed, which includes:

  • Background information
  • Personal Evaluation Form
  • Questionnaire about knowledge of foreign areas
  • Military experience
  • Language proficiencies

Once an application is submitted the candidate’s account becomes disabled.

If an applicant is contacted by a recruiter, he or she should be prepared for the most thorough background investigation they have probably ever experienced, to be confirmed with at least one polygraph test.

Training for CIA Special Agent Careers

Training for CIA careers begins at one of several Federal Law Enforcement Centers located throughout the United States. All CIA Special Agents must complete the 56-day Criminal Investigator Training Program as a condition of hire, and candidates who have already accomplished this can have an advantage in the hiring process. Students in this training program will receive important instruction in foundational topics such as:

  • Courtroom procedures and the criminal justice system
  • Interviewing detainees, prisoners, and suspects
  • Surveillance and undercover operations
  • Tactical driving
  • Firearms


CIA and North Dakota: Past and Present

In 1995 Russia came the closest it has since the Cuban Missile Crisis to launching a nuclear attack against the United States when it mistook a Norwegian scientific rocket for a nuclear missile launched from North Dakota. Historically, during the Cold War CIA agents played a critical role in defeating the threat of Soviet Communism. There can be no doubt that the CIA worked to penetrate the KGB to gain information on Soviet spies that were conducting surveillance throughout North Dakota. And just as they have historically, CIA Agents continue to actively protect North Dakota.

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In 2013 the United States became the world’s largest oil and natural gas producer, thanks in no small part to the recent discoveries in North Dakota’s Bakken formation and Parshall Oil Field. Terrorists have attacked oil pipelines recently in Nigeria and refinery facilities in Libya, and CIA Agents must use their available assets to ensure an attack against North Dakota’s energy industry does not take place.

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