Requirements for CIA Jobs in Idaho

Special agents of the CIA collect information and provide analyses that contribute to law enforcement efforts in Idaho. Federal and state authorities have found foreign and domestic terrorists to be active in the state, thanks to intelligence collected through two Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTFs) located in Boise and Couer d’Alene.

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Successful efforts to thwart terrorism in Idaho included the 2013 arrest of an Uzbeki national living in Boise who was charged with providing material support to Islamic terrorists in his home country.  Authorities also found that he possessed the components needed to make an explosive device.

CIA agents also investigate international drug trafficking organizations to provide intelligence to help both federal and local law enforcement authorities, and to help guide federal policy.  Methamphetamine abuse is a substantial problem in Idaho.  While much of the meth used to be made in the state, Mexican cartels have been importing large quantities of the high quality meth that is used throughout Idaho.

How to Become a Core Collector in National Clandestine Services in Idaho

In Idaho, there are two programs available to candidates interested in a Core Collector job with the CIA’s National Clandestine Service.

The Professional Trainee Program (PT) – This program is for individuals with a Bachelor’s degree but no prior work related experience. Candidates eligible for this position are usually between 21 and 25 year’s old.

The Clandestine Service Program (CST) – This program is for individuals with a Bachelor’s degree and related work or military experience. Candidates eligible for this position are typically between 26 and 35 years old, with 35 being the max age that will be considered for employment.

Age requirements and work experience are the two main differences between each program.

Occupational Skills Requirements

  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
  • Interest in international affairs
  • Comfortable and productive working alone or as part of an investigative team
  • Solid reading and writing skills
  • Quick thinking abilities

Foreign Country Experience and Expertise

For anyone applying for the Core Collector career path in Idaho, proficiency in a second language is required.

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Other requirements necessary for the position include prior residency in a foreign country, extensive foreign travel experience, knowledge of foreign affairs and an understanding of the importance of cross-cultural sensitivity.

Additional Requirements for Employment

Individuals interested in a Core Collector position with the CIA in Idaho must participate in two personal interviews, have a medical and psychological exam, polygraph interview and comprehensive background check. Candidates must have abstained from illegal drug use for at least one year prior to submitting an application for the position.

Educational Requirements

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
  • 3.0 GPA or higher

Fields of study that are preferred for the CIA Core Collector programs include:

  • Biological Engineering
  • Economics
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Finance
  • Nuclear Science
  • International Business or Relations
  • Physical Science


CIA Requirements for Special Agent Positions in Idaho

Residents of Idaho who want to work for the CIA have a number of options, including being an analyst or investigator.

Education and Experience Requirements for Special Agents

Applicants interested in learning how to become a special agent for the CIA must have at least a bachelor’s degree.  The agency also requires that applicants have three years of experience conducting high quality criminal investigations.

Although no particular major is stipulated among the requirements for a bachelor’s degree, many incoming agents hold relevant degrees in areas such as:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Criminology
  • Law Enforcement
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Law

Applicants who have used drugs illegally within the past twelve months are barred from candidacy.

To be an effective CIA agent, individuals need to be discrete and tactful and be able to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds.  They must be able to work on multiple projects at once and function both as part of a team and individually.

Training for Special Agents in the CIA

All special agents must complete standard CITP (Criminal Investigator Training Program) training. The agency prefers applicants who have already been through this Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) program.

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This thorough 56-day program includes both a classroom component and a component that involves being part of a mock task force that works cases from beginning to end – starting with the initial surveillance and culminating in delivering testimony in court.

Trainees also learn practical skills such as tactical training, becoming proficient with firearms, and improving their driving skills.

Continuing Case Investigation Coordinators mentor the trainees as they go through the program, ensuring that its graduates have mastered all the aspects of conducting successful criminal investigations.

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